Who can register?

The trip is open to everyone, however it is designed for Erasmus students in Greece. Greek students, Erasmus students from other countries, your friends and ESNers from all over Europe are also welcome.

My friend doesn’t study in Greece, can he/she/they join The Crete Trip?

Yes, you and your friend are welcome at The Crete Trip. You just have to confirm your spots by paying online!

Can I register even though I am not an Erasmus Student?

Of course you can, just do not forget to secure your spot by paying online.
Please refer to the FAQ about the on "Who can register" above.

What is included in the Event?

You can see briefly what is included in the participation fee under “Terms & Conditions”

How can I register?

Once you visit The Crete Trip "registration page" press "Register Now" and fill the form with your personal details and press the Register button and at the end of the page. Please note: In case that you have any questions on the registration process, please contact your Local Coordinator.
For more details check out the tutorial

I am not sure if I have registered.

  • If you are not sure, check your email, an automated email will arrive (check in your junk & spam folder as well).
  • You can only register with your email account once. If the form doesn't accept your email it means it's already there so don't put another one but contact us.

I have a problem with my registration. What should I do?

For any problems concerning registrations, please contact us through our contact form.

What is my password?

In order to create your account you will need to sign in by adding your personal email and password. Once you create your account you will be able to log in to the registration system. There you can check your Registration Status (Registered, Paid, etc.) and add your ESNcard.
Later on it will be used for the rooming process.

How can I pay the participation fee?

Once you complete your registration, you will be able to secure your spot immediately by completing your payment to our system.
Through your account, you will find a payment button at the top of the registration page. Once you are registered you will receive an email to get informed about the payment details.
Payments can be made only by card, online. Accepted cards are MasterCard, Visa and Maestro.
For more details check out the tutorial

Can I pay with a bank card onboard?

Yes, though systems might not work all the time, as they require an online link to function and in the open sea the signal can be quite weak. It is best to have some cash on hand just in case.

What is an ESNcard?

The ESNcard is the membership card of the Erasmus Student Network. It is proof of membership in an ESN section and so indirectly of the Erasmus Student Network. To learn more visit our website ESNcard.org. The ESNcard is also used as a discount card in many cities and countries around Europe. Using the ESNcard to register and pay for The Crete Trip, you will enjoy a discount on the fee of the event.

I don’t have an ESNcard, can I join The Crete Trip?

Yes, you can join The Crete Trip without being an ESNcard holder. You just will not have the benefits of the ESNcard discount (discounted fee).

I don’t have an ESN card but I want to get one. Can I register and add it later?

Yes, you can register without adding your ESN card and you will be able to add it later to your profile, before proceeding with the payment, so as to get the discounted price.

What is the ESNcard no.?

The ESNcard no. is the unique number of your personal ESNcard. You can find it above the barcode, at the bottom of the ESNcard’s front side. Please note that in order to use your ESNcard, you need to register at esncard.org and activate it. An automated system checks whether your ESNcard is activated or not.

Transportation FROM Crete

  • Every ESN section will arrange and provide group transportation to Athens-and-back, by bus or train and from Piraeus-to-Crete-and-back by boat.To take advantage of that, select the option "travel both ways with the group"
  • The event begins from Wednesday May 17th, where the Day 1 & Boat Party! takes place inside the ferry from Piraeus to Crete.
  • There will also be a post event on our trip back to Athens, so make sure to join the group return transportation.
The boat back leaves from Crete at 21.00 Sunday 21st of May and arrives in the port of Piraeus at 6.00 Monday 22nd.

Is it possible to book a one-way ticket for the ferry?

Yes, it is possible. Just select this option during your registration. If you want to change your transportation details, please contact your local section, or use the contact form.

When do I get my ferry ticket?

Tickets, which in this case are called “Boarding passes” will be distributed by your section’s Group Leader. In case you are an International Guest/No Section, you’ll get informed about the process from the Organising Committee.

When and where is the boarding?

The ferry departs from Piraeus Port at 20.30. Our boarding time is between 18:00–19:00 EEST, the exact time depends on your section. As we are a huge group, we recommend that you board on time and follow the instructions given by the Group Leaders.

What is my boarding group?

For students arriving alone, without an ESN Section, or International guests, your Group Leader will have the information and let you know. You will get this information along with your boarding pass once you have arrived at the port, so please be there on time and you will receive everything you need from your Group Leader.

I am not studying in Athens, how can I reach Athens and Piraeus port?

Please contact your local section to find out how to reach the Piraeus port.

How will the people on the bus know that I actually booked the trip?

The organisers have access to the registration system and they will make sure that everything goes smoothly. All the participants will be given festival-type bracelets that will be checked when boarding the busses at the departure point and during the event.

What is my ESN Section?

  • In the ESN Section field, choose the ESN section of your hosting university. ie. If you are studying at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, select ESN AUTH.
  • If you are not sure whether your hosting university has an ESN section, check the list below.
  • The option “International Guest ESNers” is ONLY for members of ESN from other countries.
  • If you are a friend of an Erasmus student, please select the same ESN section as your friend.
  • If your hosting university does not have an ESN Section, please choose the “No ESN section” option and tell us more about your hosting city and university in the comments.
  • If you are an ex-Erasmus student from a previous semester in Greece, please choose your ESN section accordingly.

I do not have a local section, what should I do?

You can select “No ESN Section” during the registration process. Don’t worry, you will get all the information and you will also have a Group Leader throughout the event.

What is the cancellation policy?

Checkout the cancellation policy at our terms and conditions page.
Also, checkout the name change option bellow.
For further information, please contact us through social media or email.

I want to sell my spot to someone else - how can I do it?

You can do a “Name Change" and sell your spot to someone else. “Name Change” means that your place can be bought by another person, and he/she/they will take your place on the trip. Name changes will be available up to seven (7) days before the Trip to the latest; with a charge of 10€.

Please note that both the Buyer and the Seller must have already completed the registration process. Please note that ESN Greece and the Agent do not hold any responsibility for such a transaction between the parties concerned about the name change.

The trip is sold out - what should I do?

If the trip is sold out you can register in the waiting list. If there are free places later on you will be contacted by the Organizers.

Are the T-shirts gendelreless?

YES, there is no special gender cut.

Can I bring alcohol and food on board?

You may not bring any alcohol onboard the ferry. There is going to be a security check at the terminal for all participants and any alcohol found will be confiscated. We recommend not bringing food of any kind, nor even bottles of water as even these can be sometimes confiscated by security. Besides, we have already arranged special prices on board for you, from the bar and/or the disco!

Can I smoke inside the ferry?

No. Smoking is allowed only on the outside deck area.

Where can we leave our luggage on the ferry?

During our way to Crete, we will have reserved seats for The Crete Trip group. You can leave the luggage there. Please note that neither the ferry company nor ESN Greece takes responsibility for lost or stolen valuables left unattended.

For any further questions